By Alan Burt Akers

The twenty-first publication of the chronicle of Dray Prescot, and the 3rd quantity of the Jikaida Cycle.

Fame and fortune may well watch for the winners of the lifestyles and loss of life online game referred to as Jikaida, yet for Dray Prescot his triumphs appeared purely to convey infamy and misfortune. An Earthman transposed to the far-off global that circles the dual suns of Antares, Prescot needed to give you the option out of his Jikaida urban exile - for his place of birth wanted him in its hour of chance. however it appeared that destiny now might position him in a good extra terrifying online game - a treasure hunt performed out within the phantasm webbed catacombs of a haunted valley the place determined males got here to discover fortunes on the danger in their fans lives and their very own sanity.

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In the interstellar distance, the closest star of the Isstvan system glinted, cold and hard against the blackness. The Eye of Horus glared from the top of the ship’s prow, the entire vessel having been refitted following the victory against the Technocracy, the bone-white of the Luna Wolves replaced by the metallic grey-green of the Sons of Horus. Within moments, another ship broke through, tearing its way into real space with the brutal functionality of its Legion. Where the Vengeful Spirit had a deadly grace to it, the newcomer was brutish and ugly, its hull a drab gunmetal-grey, its only decoration, a single brazen skull on its prow.

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