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256). 120. 83, p. 374). 90 (p. 376). 121. -met is pl. -acc. neut. of the possessive adjective ‘my’. 105 (p. 127). 122. Substituted here for the original ši-iš ⟨-ša ⟩-at-ti on which see lesson 11. 123. tuk is dative-accusative of the accented personal pronoun ‘you’ (singular). 124. This entire sentence is a series of subordinate clauses. These are continued in sentence 10, where you will finally find the main clause. 125. kē is ‘these’ (pl. -acc. ). 126. The absence of any conjunctions linking the successive clauses needs explanation.

116, p. 131). Note that in NH the dative-locative singular of ‘land’ is identical to the nominativeaccusative singular and plural. ḫi-conjugation verbs with stems in -i- show a three-way stem alternation -e-, - i-, and -i(y)-. There is a tendency for the variant -āi- to spread beyond its original distribution. 20 (pp. 21, p. 223). 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. ma-a-an-wa-ra-an116 --ma e-ep-te-e-ni nu-wa-ra-an-mu pa-ra-a - péeš-te-e-ni nu-wa ú-wa-mi nu-wa-aš-ma-aš - -- ar-ḫa ḫar-ni-ik-mi 111.

Note that there is a tendency to level out the forms in -um-, especially in dā- ‘to take’. In NH forms of the mi-conjugation occur in the second and third singular of verbs of the tarna- type (tarnaši, tarnaizzi). 1. 2.  pa-a-i 132. The meaning of katta⸗ma in this context is ‘consequently’. 133. Interpret this clause as a (rhetorical) question. 10 (pp. 342–343). 25, p. 346). 61 (p. 256). The force of the -pat in this case is ‘likewise, too’. 134. The form -šše instead of usual -šši for enclitic dat.

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