By Irina Nikolaeva

The booklet is the 1st huge description of Tundra Nenets, a Uralic language spoken in Western Siberia and the north of eu Russia. It presents an enduring piece of documentation of this hugely endangered language. For a language as little researched as Nenets, any point of grammar could end up to be of power importance for the sphere of linguistics and switch out to be theoretically hard.

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G. NOM). Epenthesis is also observed between certain suffixes word-internally. It is not indicated as such in glosses in this grammar; rather it is marked as part of the stem. Deletion applies when a suffix begins with a consonantal cluster. g. the durative affix -mpə- is realized as -pə- in such instances as tedor-pə- ‘to scold (DUR)’. 1, the over-short vowel ə reduces to ° in unstressed positions. According to the description in Salminen (1997, 1993–2012 and other work), unstressed syllables are even syllables which do not precede the syllable with °, as well as the final syllables.

E. they are only typical of certain morphemes, which must be listed. In this section I only illustrate a few processes that affect the form of affixes, whereas modifications of stems are treated in more detail in Section 3. Some (but not all) suffixes demonstrate the alternation n ~ t of the suffix-initial consonant. 2) and an n-initial suffix otherwise. These are, for example, the imperfective participle suffix -na ~ -ta, cf. PART) vs. PART), the non-possessive dative singular -n°h ~ -t°h, cf. ŋəno-n°h ‘to the boat’ (DAT)’ vs.

For the most part, however, proprietives are derived from countable inanimate nouns and the referentiality of the base noun is preserved, as shown by the following contrast: ŋodʹa-sawey° xidʹa ‘the cup with the berries (berry-PROPR cup)’ vs. ŋodʹa xidʹa ‘berry cup, cup for berries’. Such proprietives usually denote temporal possession, cf. ŋarka ŋǣwa-sawey° wǣsako ‘the old man holding a big head (somebody else’s head)’ vs. ŋǣwa ŋǣarka wǣsako ‘big-headed man’. With human nouns proprietives are not frequent, although possible, but normally denote a general property.

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