By Cliff Goddard

Initially a Ph.D. thesis. This reprint publishes the thesis pages in keeping with actual web page aspect.

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2-3) like~ 'flesh food', wati 'initiated man', tjulpu 'bird'. Adjectives in Yankunytjatjara can be roughly divided into active and stative classes. Stative adjectives are the semantically prototypical adjective - ascribing more. or less permanent properties to the referent of a noun phrase. 2). In fact, from the ordering within a noun-phrase we 11 . can recognise two further subclasses of stative adjectives - descriptive (which includes dimension and other physical properties, value, personal- .

Them~ an exclamation of self- Some of the free particles,auch as wanyu JUST LET, and a few nomiDals,such as viya 'no, nothing, without' and ngaltutjara 'poor thing',fuoction alao as exclamations (9 . 3). 1 Clause JIPes Yankunytjatjara clauses can be classified in the first instance according to· whether or not the predicate contains a verb. 15 Verbless clauses occur only (1) contain syntactic adjuncts. sort "of prosodic emphasis or 'prominence' on the final word of the predicate. There are three broad semantic types of verbless clause correlated with the na·ture of the predicative complement: (i) Equative sentences, for example (2-23), identify the referent of one expression with the referent of the other - the complement is a noun phrase, a referring expression.

Y difficulty lay and could be quite ingenious in helping me. My other areat source of information was Yaai Lester, who spent over 80 hours with ae in private sesaions when I vas in Alice Springs. Aa a bi- lingual with many years interpreting experience, his collaboration was invaluable . He was untiring in his efforts to explain to me subtle meanings of words, expressions or with texts. ', and so on: Often our discussion diverged profitably from ioning. f quest- Yam! ia very interested in the social and cultural contrasts in language use between Yankunytjatjara and (White Middle Class) Engliah.

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