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В книге рассмотрена история пневматического оружия с древнейших времен по 1909 год, с кратким обзором современного (на момент выход книги) состояния этого вида стрелкового оружия.

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Importantly, the approach described in Scheme 1-9 can be used to prepare both bicyclic and tricyclic spiro d-lactones, and representative examples are listed in Table 1-8 (entries 3 and 4, respectively). For example, 1,2-bis(rnethylene)cyclohexane-magnesium reagent was treated with cyclohexene oxide at -78 "C followed by the introduction of CO2 at 0 "C and acidic hydrolysis with subsequent warming to 40 "C. Work-up afforded the tricyclic spiro d-lactone, hexahydro-2'-methylene-spiro[4H-1-benzopyran-4,1 '-cyclohexanl2(3H)-one, in 63% isolated yield as a I :1 mixture of diastereomers (Table 1-8, entry 4).

In the process, the construction of a quaternary carbon center and the introduction of both the amino and carboxyl groups required for lactamization are achieved in one synthetic step. 1 The Preparation of Rieke Zinc In 1973 we reported the formation of Kieke zinc, which was shown to add oxidatively to alkyl and aryl bromides [51]. The Rieke zinc used in those reactions was prepared using anhydrous zinc bromide and potassium or sodium metal in refluxing tetrahydrofuran (THF) or I ,2-dimethoxyethane (DME) for 4 h.

Competitive 1,2-addition products were not observed for thesc conjugate addition reactions. The addition of TMSCl significantly increased product formation as much as five-fold and is considered essential. The addition of Lewis acids, such as BF3 . Et20, did not have as dramatic an effect upon product formation as did TMSCI. These thienyl-based organocopper reagents are very efficient for conjugate addition reactions, the ideal ratio of organocopper reagent to enone being as low as 2 : 1. The use of larger excesses of the organometallic reagent (10 equiv) has been reported in the literature Table 1-23.

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