By Christian Dani, Nathalie Billon (auth.), Michael E. Symonds (eds.)

This publication is designed to supply a accomplished perception into present views and demanding situations in adipose tissue biology. In <i>Adipose Tissue Biology</i>, scientists and clinicians talk about adipocyte precursors, differentiation and development, brown and white adipose tissue, gender, irritation, nutritional and genetic determinants of fats mass, including evolutionary and developmental elements of adiposity.

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1994). Differentiation requires the activation of numerous transcription factors which are responsible for the coordinated induction and silencing of more than 2,000 genes related to the regulation of adipocyte in both morphology and physiology (Farmer 2006) (Fig. 1). M. M. Fernández-Real Nuclear Regulation of Adipocyte Differentiation Transcriptional Regulation of Adipocyte Differentiation Terminal adipocytes differentiation involves a series of transcriptional processes. The first stage of adipogenesis consists of the transient dramatic induction of C/ EBP-b and C/EBP-d, stimulated in vitro by hormonal differentiation cocktail (Ramji and Foka 2002).

2009). Some drugs show a strong influence on adipogenesis. Highly active antiretroviral therapy on human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection, has been associated with metabolic syndrome including insulin resistance, dyslipidemia, peripheral lipoatrophy and visceral adiposity (Leow et al. 2003). Studies in cell culture have shown that several protease inhibitors, for example nelfinavir and indinavir, decrease preadipocyte differentiation and lipogenesis, while increasing apoptosis and lipolysis (Dowell et al.

Fernández-Real Zhang JW, Klemm DJ, Vinson C et al (2004) Role of CREB in transcriptional regulation of CCAAT/enhancer-binding protein b gene during adipogenesis. J Biol Chem 279:4471–4478 Zhao L, Gregoire F, Sook Sul H (2000) Transient induction of ENC-1, a Kelch-related actinbinding protein, is required for adipocyte differentiation. J Biol Chem 275:16845–16850 Zhu Y, Qi C, Korenberg JR et al (1995) Structural organization of mouse peroxisome proliferatoractivated receptor gamma (mPPARgamma) gene: alternative promoter use and different splicing yield two mPPARgamma isoforms.

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