By Oscar Bodansky (ed.), C.P. Stewart (ed.)

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BOILER WATER therapy, rules AND perform quantity 1 of 2 Volumes by means of COLIN FRAYNE. Vol. I: Boiler fundamentals and Steam Water Chemistry, ISBN: 0-8206-0371-6 This accomplished reference is the main sensible box consultant ever written on steam and boiler water therapy. during this two-volume instruction manual, Colin Frayne (Cooling Water remedy, rules and perform, additionally by way of Chemical Publishing) analyzes the full spectrum of boiler structures, together with these utilized in residential complexes, advertisement and institutional structures, and commercial amenities.

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7. 1. INTRODUCTION Many of the metabolic changes described above are changes in energy metabolism, and energy metabolism in uninjured animals is in turn influenced by environmental conditions, in particular, temperature, humidity, and wind velocity. Furthermore, environmental conditions may themselves act as noxious stimuli as in sunburn or frostbite. We have already mentioned some examples of the interaction of environment, specifically environmental temperature, in the body’s response to injury, and a more detailed account follows.

Similar changes in the electrophoretic patterns had been known to occur where there was inflammation or tissue destruction. 1. Albumin Since these earlier observations were made the whole technique of plasma protein estimation has considerably improved and the earlier findings substantially confirmed, namely, that after major surgery in man or after accidental injury or burning the plasma albumin falls (B20, D4, L2, M1, M5, P5, R6, S13a). 8 g/lOO ml (about 20% of the normal plasma albumin level), but decreases of twice this amount have been found in individual patients with the depression maximal between 4 and 10 days and sometimes normal values may not be regained for several weeks.

The heaIing of burns and other skin lesions, but probably not of deep tissue, is accelerated by exposure to 30°C. When the injured organism (man or rat) is transferred to an environment a t 30"-32"C the protein catabolic component of the ((flow" phase is absent or reduced. The corticosteroid rise in response to injury is not affected by exposing the animal t o 30°C. 8. 1. INTRODUCTION Injury, by physical or chemical agents, is a threat to homeostasis. 1. Schematic representation of pathways involved in homeostatic regulation.

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