By Yukiaki Kuroda (auth.), Yukiaki Kuroda, Delbert M. Shankel, Michael D. Waters (eds.)

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The papers are prepared in 8 sections, addressing: antimutagens in nutrients; antimutagens and anticarcinogens in environmental toxicology; loose radicals; antitumor initiators; antitumor promoters; features of mammalian and human genetics; molecular elements of mutagenesis and antimutageneis; and oncogenes and antioncogenes.
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The becoming physique of data on micro organism pathogenic for people, mammals and vegetation generated in the prior ten years has proven the attention-grabbing conservation of newly pointed out genes that playa direct position within the pathogenic mechanism. as well as those genes, there also are genes that confer host specificities and different characteristics vital in pathogenesis on those pathogens.

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Ecomorphology is the comparative learn of the impression of morphology on ecological relationships and the evolutionary influence of ecological elements on morphology in numerous existence periods, populations, species, groups, and evolutionary lineages. The publication stories early makes an attempt at qualitative descriptions of ecomorphological styles in fishes, in particular these of the Russian university.

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H. Imanishi, T. Ohta, and Y. Shirasu (1987) Effects of vanillin on sister-chromatid exchanges and chromosome aberrations by mitomycin C in cultured Chinese hamster ovary cells. Mutat. Res. 191:193-200. , H. Imanishi, T. Ohta, and Y. Shirasu (1987) Effects of antimutagenic flavourings on SCEs induced by chemical mutagens in cultured Chinese hamster cells. Mutat. Res. 189: 313-318. , H. Imanishi, T. Ohta, M. Watanabe, K. Matsumoto, and Y. Shirasu (1988) Suppressing effect of tannic acid on UV and chemically induced chromosome aberrations in cultured mammalian cells.

After collecting and considering available information obtained in laboratory and epidemiology studies, we tried to propose modest recommendations that could be adopted by many people without provoking serious antagonistic reactions. Of these proposals, stopping smoking should have the highest impact in cancer prevention. These proposals are in accordance with those made by the American Cancer Society and other organizations. Finally, it should be pointed out that these measures would also reduce hypertension/strokes resulting from less intake of sodium chloride, and cardiovascular diseases/heart attacks resulting from less intake of animal fat.

USA 80:3581-3584. Das, U. R. P. Rao, and M. S. Rao (1983) Prevention of radiation induced polychromatophilia by prostaglandin E and colchicine. IRCS Med. Sci. 11: 863-864. R. P. S. Rao (1985) Benzo[a]pyrene and y-radiation-induced genetic damage in mice can be prevented by y-linolenic acid but not by arachidonic acid. Nutrition Res. 5:101-105. C. , T. Hamazaki, T. Terano (1980) Eicosapentaenoic acid and platelet function in Japanese. Lancet 2: 1132-1136. , J. March, and C. Fuchs (1984) Effect of omega-3 fatty acids on growth of a rat mammary tumor.

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