By Blaser H.U., Schmidt E. (eds.)

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Others have used it in connection with their bisphosphanes but it gives them no particular advantage. Thus, the choice of suitable structures is still pretty much guesswork. In our hands, DIPAMP was by far the most versatile ligand, and remained supreme for enamides for many years. Later, in the 1990s, an improved bisphosphane ligand was reported by Burk, then at DuPont, to which he gave the name DuPHOS (Fig. 11) [6]. This bisphosphane ligand, complexed with rhodium, gave fast hydrogenations of enamides with efficiencies of 99%.

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J. Ager, S. A. Laneman Synthesis of unnatural amino acids Ligand and substrate synthesis, reaction parameters, enantioenrichment C. J. Cobley, N. B. Johnson, I. C. Lennon, R. McCague, J. A. Ramsden, A. ZanottiGerosa The application of DuPHOS rhodium(I) catalysts for commercial scale asymmetric hydrogenation Substrate synthesis, reaction parameters, enantioenrichment via biocatalysis, catalyst handling, economic considerations J. F. McGarrity, W. Brieden, R. -P. Mettler, B. Schmidt, O. Werbitzky Master the scale-up of catalytic asymmetric hydrogenations for the manufacture of fine chemicals Catalyst screening, substrate design, process optimization, application of Josiphos ligands, ligand synthesis, scale-up R.

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