By James P. Blaylock

The cave in of the Victoria Embankment uncovers a passage to an unknown realm underneath the town. Langdon St. Ives units out to discover it, no longer realizing remarkable and filthy rich psychopathic assassin is operating to maintain the underworld's secrets and techniques hidden for purposes of his own.

St. Ives and his stalwart associates examine a string of ghastly crimes: the grotesque dying of a witch, the abduction of a blind, psychic lady, and the bleak horrors of a mystery sanatorium the place experiments in scientific electrical energy and the improvement of human, vampiric fungi, serve the unusual, murderous ends of maybe St. Ives's most deadly nemesis but.

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At last! But Metria still wasn't easy about this. " Metria suggested dulcetly, covering his eyes with her hand. " he asked, frowning. "Yes, I'm sure he will be really, truly interested in this very important secret matter," Mentia said, sitting on the edge of the bed, so that her thigh touched Veleno. "Oh, all right," Metria said, really crossly. "Have no concern, dear, I will explain it excruciatingly clearly," Mentia said. " Veleno demanded. " "That is the problem," Mentia said. "She has helped you with the chore of summoning the stork seven hundred and fifty-" she peered again "-and a half times this year, and more times during the prior year when I was too busy to be with her, unfortunately, and yet the stork has not gotten the message.

Dim rays of light filtered in through the crevices between blocks, so that it wasn't completely dark. She tried to squeeze through a crevice, but she lacked even this power now. It was most frustrating. "I wonder what Gary Gargoyle would have done? " she asked herself. "He was a massive powerful stone creature who was transformed to a weak fleshly man for his adventure, so he had a real problem;" "Will you be quiet while I'm trying to rest? " Metria demanded crossly. Mentia thought, pondered, considered, contemplated, reflected, and cogitated as Metria had, and finally came up with a feeble notion: Maybe she needed to think differently.

She went to inspect the surface more closely. It did indeed seem to be pure emerald. The mountain was one big jewel. The sun came out from behind a cloud. Suddenly all the facets reflected dazzling beams. One struck Eight Bits. The horse, startled, fragmented into quarters, and the quarters galloped off in at least four directions. Woe Betide sighed. She was on her own. She pondered, and concluded that since she no longer had the quarter horse, she could resume her adult form. She puffed into smoke, and re-formed as Metria.

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