By Herbert L. König, Albert P. Krueger, Siegnot Lang, Walter Sönning (auth.)

ARCHIVE reproduction don't eliminate the general public in industrialized nations indicates a mounting drawback approximately organic results of electric and magnetic fields. accordingly, experimental experiences in this topic are being released in expanding numbers in the course of the international. Prof. H. L. Konig, of the Technical collage of Munich, West Germany, a number one professional and pioneer during this box, has written an authoritative textual content in a lucid sort which makes the cloth additionally available to put readers. The ebook describes the consequences of traditional in addition to man made electromagnetic energies protecting the en­ tire measurable frequency diversity from the top frequencies, x-rays, via microwaves, radio waves, and eventually super low frequency (ELF) waves. Cit­ ing the facts from medical stories in numerous international locations, Konig additionally appraises the biologic results of microwaves and excessive rigidity strength strains, that have develop into debatable concerns in recent times. different contributions to the e-book were made through Prof. Albert P. Krueger, collage of California, Berkeley, on air ionization results and by means of the mete­ orologist Walter Sonning on biometeorology, documenting the impact of atmo­ spheric electric currents on wellbeing and fitness and illness. in addition, the overdue Dr. Siegnot Lang, a former coworker of Dr. Konig, has contributed to this book.

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025 s (40 Hz). 5 and intensity on the order of 10-12 T (milligamma) were especially marked. Besides these purely geomagnetic phenomena, the magnetic components of the Schumann resonance oscillations in the 10Hz range were also evident from the earth current measurements. VLF Atmospherics. Electromagnetic phenomena of natural origin in the VLF range, which are caused by lightning, show all the properties of electromagnetic waves after propagating a relatively short distance. Thus, signals with a frequency of 10 kHz have a wavelength in free space (30 km) which approaches the spatial magnitude of the lightning flashes which produced them.

Electromagnetic waves that carry radio and television signals penetrate readily into occupied rooms (most readily through window openings), as is demonstrated by portable sets and similar devices with indoor antennas. U sing a small, portable transistor set, it can be shown quite simply that the incoming signal strength, and thus the reception conditions, varies greatly at different points in a room. 5-3 m wavelength) from the walls and especially from mirrors and other highly 47 reflective surfaces lead to the formation of standing waves in rooms.

Waveform for the fixed observer as they propagate farther from their point of origin in the earth-ionosphere waveguide (Fig. 2-14). Rhoads and Garner (1967) devised a measure for estimating the attenuation of propagating VLF signals: between about 200 km and 2000 km, the signal amplitude diminishes by about 15-18 db/1000 km. At greater distances the attenuation of IS-kHz signals is approximately 4 db/ 1000 km (Fig. 2-15) or 2 db/1000 km (Fig. 2-16). The attenuation as a function of frequency is plot- ted over a greater range in Fig.

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