By Piers Anthony

Be cautious what you would like for . . .

“I’m really a wise lady who may make any guy a great spouse. yet no guy sees that. No guy is drawn to my brain or character, simply my whatevers. So here's my want: I’m board stiff. i need experience, pleasure, and Romance.”

So starts off Piers Anthony’s thirty-eighth Xanth novel, during which inappropriate Kandy seems at her mirrored image within the water of the shallow good and sees luxuriant midnight-black hair attaining right down to her breathtakingly slim waist, matching the darkish eyes in her wonderful face. A torso that comes as regards to absolute perfection. She is man’s wish. that's a part of the matter. within the shallow magic of the good, she asks that her want be granted.

anything occurs. A unexpected whirlwind surrounds her, lifting her up and ripping off her garments. She is altering one way or the other. Then she falls flat at the ground.

actually. She has been remodeled right into a flat, stiff board with knotholes for eyes.

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