By Jay D. Humphrey

The energy of the cardiovascular procedure, which is composed of the center, vas­ culature, and blood, relies on its reaction to a number of complicated stimuli, together with organic, chemical, electric, mechanical, and thermal. the focal point of this publication, even though, is at the reaction of the center and arteries to mechanical so much from the point of view of nonlinear reliable mechanics. via my very own learn during this box, i've got come to gain that research­ ing the advanced responses of cardiovascular cells, tissues, and organs nec­ essarily calls for a mixed theoretical, experimental, and computational process. idea is required to lead the functionality and interpretation of experiments in addition to to synthesize the consequences; test is required to review the responses of the procedure to well-controlled rather a lot and to check can­ didate hypotheses and theories; and thanks to the geometric and fabric non­ linearities inherent to cardiovascular mechanics, computation is required to research information in addition to to resolve boundary and preliminary worth difficulties that correspond to both experimental or in vivo stipulations. one of many fundamental ambitions of this ebook is to introduce jointly uncomplicated analytical, experimental, and computational equipment and to demonstrate how those equipment can and needs to be built-in to realize a extra whole knowing of the bio­ mechanics of the guts and vasculature. regardless of the point of interest on cardiovascu­ lar mechanics, the basic tools, certainly a number of the particular effects, are quite often acceptable to many alternative tender tissues.

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In principle, applications ought to be based on deep understanding, not simply a hypothesis or theory even though medical history abounds with many examples of successful clinical procedures that arose based on an idea and refinements thereof through trial and error. FIGURE hypothesis or theoretical framework. This done, one must then perform experiments to test the hypothesis or theory, which in turn may necessitate the design and construction of a novel experimental system. Based on the experimental data, one will often need to refine the theory or hypothesis and then perform additional experiments and data analysis.

How the material responds to a multitude of applied loads), and the applied loads. Moreover, we agree with Fung and others that the key to success in this approach is the identification of robust constitutive relations. In Chapter 3, we detail a five-step method for formulating constitutive relations. Here, however, simply note that the first step is to observe the many particular behaviors of interest, and then, by induction, delineate the general characteristics of the behavior. In practice, this step is as critical as it is difficult.

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